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Monday, August 26, 2019

Why Do We Go To School?- Edu Update


Have you ever asked yourself this question, why do we go to secondary school and university? Yet still not certain to get job. If you don't know now, it is better you know. School does not offer you job opprtunity, the 90% aim of school is not to get you employment but to build you mentally towards creating a job opportunity.

I could remember vividly 4 years ago during my corp service, the soldier who  addressed us told us  not to depend on our degree for employment, he said don't be at the aim of seeking job oppoetunity, but rather create one.

Having a degree doesn't guarantee having a your desired job or career success.
This is common knowledge; by now, I believe you already know this!

So why go to school?
How many graduates do you know, (your siblings, friends or yourself inclusive) who flaunted their NYSC certificates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant Social Media platform have a "good" (desired) job or are successful in their choice careers today?

Forget it, many of us are still struggling - we're only pretending; trying to be smiley each time we show up here to BOOK our FACE(s)! 

Just so we will not be looked down upon, we claim to have achieved so much when in fact there's absolutely nothing in the plate to eat!

How do you explain to people that you still depend on others for livelihood after so many years of graduating from school?
No job.
No Business.
No wife.
No husband.
No money for further studies.

You're just stagnant.
Nothing is happening.

How do you tell people about that?
From whence do you start the explanation?


Let us be frank, this is not easy.
It is not! 
Let not lie to ourselves.

Most of us are scared to tell others about our predicament(s) because they will definitely use it against us!

Especially to tell them about the idea(s) for business or project(s) we intend to establish in the future!

80% of us are definitely scared!

It has been said that those with great, groundbreaking ideas usually are broke. And those with excess money often are clueless (business/investment wise). 

So the less financial bouyant  guy usually proposes a partnership to the rich guy by sharing his idea in exchange for financing capital. 

The rich guy then smiles, shakes the hand of his supposed new partner as though a deal had been reached. 

Then boom! He implements the idea all alone and silences the originator! If you know 'what that mean'
You want to sue?
I laugh! Sorry....but your idea is gone!

This is brutal... yes!
The truth ALWAYS is!

That's why I always warn young entrepreneur(s) (like myself) especially, never to share their business idea(s) on public platforms (whether for grants or showoff!) without first obtaining either a patent, copyright or being an already existing business.

This is a story for another day! I'll talk more about it more in a separate post.

When the odds are these much, one could just conclude that going to school is a waste of time and having a degree for useful work is just another add-on to one's current state of misery!

The question I want to try and answer today is:

My answer: You have every reason to.

Follow me while I guide you...

Why must you go to school? 
What does having a degree do for you?
School DOESN'T guarantee success. YES! BUT it PREPARES you for it:
By exposing you to SOME of the requisite EDUCATION, certification, atmosphere, PEOPLE, STRESS, disappointments, thoughts, struggles, fears, faith, and lots more necessary for you to achieve success not just in your chosen career/job but in LIFE generally.
You may not have had an education from the conventional school, and you may be well-to-do. Well, Congratulations! That's absolutely fine. It happens. But hey, you're just one in a million!

And trust me, an EDUCATION from the conventional school would to a great extent help to hone that your shoe-making skill and polish your grammar in communication, and other soft skills required of a professional to the world you're meant to serve, so you don't keep basking in your throne as the local King of the village you're currently ruling!
Some people may disagree. But my stand would always be that you do all it takes to get educated via school! You may eventually not NEED the certificate but GET it! 

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