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Monday, August 26, 2019

Updated Requirements for Studying Medicine and Surgery- Edu Update

Requirement to study Medicine and surgery in Nigeria

Medicine and surgery, commonly called MBBS is one of the course offered in Nigeria and number 1 taste of all student. These are 100% information on all what you need as a medical aspirant, probably looking for the requirement to become a doctor, here are the JAMB subject combination for studying medicine in Nigeria, Universities that offers Medicine and surgery, job opportunity for medical doctor, lucrative countries to study Medicine and Surgery and also subject related to Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery [MBBS], read 100% facts you need to know if you aim becoming a medical doctor! Get a convenient place and a glass of iced coffee, it very compulsory. smiles 


What you don’t know about the term MBBS; it is a Latin word but commonly term in the Britain language as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Its Latin word: Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgia has exposed its worth internationally. It is a science course that deals with the anatomy of human being. They 110% deals with human system, lol if 110 in percentage actually exist, it situated under college of medicine that major on the maintenance and treatment of human health. 

JAMB subject combination and Requirements

A lot of requirement!! i must confess, apart from the UTME requirements, most medical student eventually get sent out of school because they don’t have the full requirement  or their internal  requirement are not mature enough. 

70% of  students aiming to be a doctor  get influence by their parent without having the requirement in them, which they know, wait!! Let discuss the JAMB combination for the course Medicine and Surgery, but do you know you need biology, I mean in-depth understanding of Biology. If you are not a lover of Biology, am sorry you are on the wrong path, you cannot be a Medical student and you are not well grinded in Biology that is 100% impossible.

 In a nut shell, you need Biology, English Language, Chemistry and Physics; these are the subject you need to prepare for your upcoming UTME exercise, it is very compulsory to know the JAMB score requirement, although some institution are fix to 200, universities like University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, University of Benin, University of Ilorin and so on, but getting less than 300 in your UTME result is not a good start for you, work toward it!! 

Moving to the olevel requirement is also an important requirement to know, is a mandate to get at least a credit in these five subjects: Mathematics, English language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, It is not advisable to limit yourself to a grade of credit (C) because of some institution that use or add Olevel aggregate to their admission requirements, it will affect your point if you limit your potential to Cs, work towards a minimum of B grade, it is a 99% cool start.

Discover your potential before you dive into the course! It a very short important advise which you can split to millions of words if you are wise enough.

MBBS in Countries/ Lucrative countries to study Medicine and Surgery

A very cool thing you should know! Don’t dive into something you don’t have idea on the economics status of the country. Going straight to the point, studying Medicine and Surgery is very lucrative in some countries like China, United State America, Nepal, Russia, Poland, Philippines, Germany, New york, South Africa, Spain, Canada. Those are the 98% assured countries to study Medicine and Surgery without issues in the family Expenses.

 There are some countries which are improving in the aspect of medical science also, it a good thing to study there as they are also countries that are profitable to study Medicine and Surgery. List of the countries that are also profitable to study MBBS are Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Australia, Portuguese, France and lot more.

Duration for studying Medicine and Surgery

In most part of the world like Nigeria, it is assign to study Medicine and Surgery for 7 years, for proper assurance that the students are good to go independently. In some other countries, it take more than 7 years, some are 9, it might be 11 depending on how qualified they want the future doctors to be. 

Have you ever asked why all the numerous year, just to study on course? It is course you should not toy with as it deals with life; we are not talking about the life of a goat here but human being life. 

Another reason why Medicine and Surgery takes time is because it deals with a complex organism, I should say human being is 90%  the most complex living thing on Planet earth, if not 100% it will be one of the most complex being to deal with. So dealing with them, you need time, TIME!

Job opportunities available for a Medicine and Surgery student

It is totally beyond your view; you think as a medical student, the only chance is to work on Human being. Get off that point and think straight. Here are some job opportunities as a medicine and surgery graduate, though it is tough in some countries (that is a plain true fact, we are sugarcoating anything here just to make you happy) but nevertheless, you still make your way as a doctor to an extent depending on your country. 

The list of available employment opportunities as a Doctor are:

Health counselor


Professional Nurse.  


Journalist of health

Psychiatric Doctor

Human health Doctor

Diagnostic (commonly called Radiologist)

Health Researchers


Minister of health 

Commissioner for health

Practical lecturer

Home service Doctor 

Universities that offer Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria

University of Ibadan- Oyo state

University of Lagos- Lagos state

Obafemi Awolowo University- ile ife 

University of Benin- Benin

University of Ilorin- Ilorin 

University of Jos- jos

University of Abuja – Abuja

Olabisi Onabanjo University- ago iwoye

University of Calabar- calabar

University of port-Harcourt 

University of Nigeria 

Afe Babalowo university 

Abia state University- abia

Bayero University- kano

Ekiti state University- ekiti

Federal University of Oye Ekiti- ekiti

Osun state University- osun 

Gombe university- Gombe

Ahmadu Bello University- zaria

Kaduna state University- Kaduna

University of Uyo- uyo

Lagos State University( LASU)- Lagos state

Delta State University(DELSU)- Delta state

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH)- osun state 

Course Related to Medicine and surgery

Medical laboratory Science
Biological Anthropology 
Veterinary Medicine
Psychiatric medicine

Above are the detailed information on requirement to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria , very interesting to know the courses related to medicine and surgery which was added in the article. 

Most people look beyond the limit opportunity your brain can carry as a medical doctor, the job opportunity for a medical doctor are very numerous if only you are qualified to be a medical student, and what are the qualities you should possess before being a medical Doctor? They are:

Scientific skills( they are your knowledge in Biology and other compulsory subject to scale through, also your intellect matters)



Age- it matters to an extent 

Future medical doctors!! I wish you succeed and make it through your career as a medical student 

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