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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

7 Great Secret Behind Education- Edu Update

   Importance of Education you should get

The most common educational wise saying an average man should know is education is the best legacy; the bad news about this is that not up to 20% of the population which speaks this understand the real concept behind education and being educated.

Education says itself as the process of acquiring knowledge, judgments and skills, the secrete of education which is blur to majority is totally beyond the given definition. You hear people saying education is a scam, and you admit that without having a long time think back, am sorry you are one the wrong path.  One funny thing about the secret of education is that it works for you the way you believe it will. Take it or leave it!!

There are vital and important things about education you have to know, we should not just jump into the bush without beating some important places in the bush to make a pathway, if not, it is certain to get hurt by wild animal.

Education has two beautify classes, the formal and the informal. Before this, have it in mind that everyone is educated in any way or the other, let get back to business!! The formal aspect of education is a means of acquiring knowledge in an organized, well-structured area and under a planned curriculum, which is commonly called schooling.

But come to think of this!! Have you ever wondered how a trader who doesn’t understand the principle behind addition and subtraction but still make transaction without losing money or so, or how do you know how to wear your dresses? Quite funny right, But you should think of it also, this is the informal aspect of education; it is acquired by what you see or even coincidentally. So no argument about everybody been educated or not, even a mad men carries education (don’t doubt cause he walk and also speaks)

Education is beyond just to read and write alone, even if it is one of the main objectives for acquire it, it is still not the most relevant. This article should be able to change your negative thinking toward education.

There are numerous secret of education that is not utilized to get the best of its importance, maybe because of its unawareness. They speak in the next paragraph 

1. Help read and write: 

This is the main reason education is leveled; we have the nursery, primary, secondary and the tertiary. You will notice even some secondary school student still have difficulties in reading and also writing, you can’t help when their spoken English  pattern seems like that of a quadratic equation graph. Their written works not even presentable, suppose they improved quite early; it is a great advantage to them because you actually need a fluent communicating skill to make a good relationship around the globe.

2. Build the brain:

 something you don’t know if you are not serious with your education, only the serious ones have this master key. You can’t be educated at the same being a literate and still yet you still reason like an illiterate, 0% absolutely impossible, unless a spell has been casted on you. You become an improved homo sapien sapien as regards to your thinking and what you say, with this, you can solve practical life problem that comes your way.

3. Create awareness:

 you came from a local environment? Education is only the remedy my dear, believe it!! It creates awareness on fortunate opportunity you could never think of, the opportunity is certainly limited to the less educated (illiterates) but of wide area as far education create awareness to you.

4. Add quality to you: 

This is one of those importances of education I think most people are now embracing, of course it helps! Even the less educated apprentice is now getting their educational level to the maximum they can go, at least a degree. You cannot compare an educated fashion designer to less educated ones, it just like comparing a wide area network to that of the local one. The educated one go into a wide opportune business as a result of education.

5. Draw out potential of people: 

we all have talent, but they are hidden and even in darkness, education has helped a lot to think and fetch out their potential. Majority says education kills potential, maybe they find  it difficult to think and observe their self, you might have a talent on writing, speaking, but you never knew (tho education build some of these in us).

6. Make you set a goal you should scale through: 

I was walking through a lengthy path when my brain spoke to me 2 months ago, it says ‘’don’t you think education has a very important help in building human? i wonder and I started thinking how, in a short note I discovered the use of class in school  like level 1, level 2, level 3 and so on, signals that  you must set a goal in life to cross the hurdle to achievement in life, yes! It is not possible to get to class 3 with scaling class2, so be it in life, we just have to set our goals and aim them to celebrate achievemnets.

7. Generate income:

 I am 100% sure you have been looking for this, but do you know you must be complete with those qualities before education can yield you. If you want to be educated because you want to get a job, my dear drop that thinking in the bin right now. Education has given you almost everything you need if you are careful with them.

 In a short note, as an educated fellow, you should be able to think like an entrepreneur, that is the whistle education has come to blow to you has final and not compulsorily you seek a job.

For Martin Luther King, JR once said, the role of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.

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