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30+ Courses to Study without Mathematics- Edu Update

          What are the courses i can study without mathematics? It is common that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, ...

Thursday, August 22, 2019

30+ Courses to Study without Mathematics- Edu Update


What are the courses i can study without mathematics?

It is common that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, in the biblical realm. But when it comes to subjects, the fear of mathematics begins failure here, this is one of the reason student don’t want to go further in mathematics.  Are you one of them? Then here comes some courses you can study without mathematics, what a relief!! Yes, there are list of course you can study without mathematics, lot of them in the faculty of Art and some aspect in the science faculty.

It feels painful when you are a dedicated mathematics lover, but you did not understand it or you keep on failing mathematics, wow! What a different case to comprehend. But your career still goes on if you don’t relent; you don’t need mathematics to get degree in some area of specialization. However, you have to meet up with the o’level requirement in mathematics; at least a minimum of credit will be call for. Then you don’t need mathematics in processing other aspect in other to get a degree, 100% sure of that. Now let move on and get something new very fast

Well these are the major courses you can study without the relevance of mathematics in your JAMB combination, even after offered admission, you still move on without mathematics. most are in the faculty of art, there are also courses under the science faculty which will be included in the article.



known to be one of the notable course in the art faculty which does not implies an atom of the idea in mathematics, it deal with the major aspect of language, where formation, structure, grammar and so on are looked into as regards to different languages.
It is a 4 years course where you need the primary and secondary idea in English language,
Literature in English, Government, CRS/IRS to go well with it.

Mass communication: 

Also well known, this aspect deals with English language, Economics, literature in English and Government to blend well in the field. It calls for seriousness in the field of art before you can be at the safer side as a mass communicator


 You need History, English language and your choice of subject from any other field in social science or art, no need for mathematics stress. It deals with the getting information of the past and bringing it to the present world. It is a good thing to be an history student if you can read well, don’t forget readers are leaders


 it major on the primary nature of reality, understanding when considering nature in the academic field.  Philosophers are great thinkers, should I say they find more than a mathematician? Making judgments here is irrelevant, but being a philosopher, you must be reasonable in your thought. Thinking like everybody is not in their dictionary. Without mathematics, you can further in the philosophy world with English language and any other three subject under art or social science

 Political science: 

it is a course under the social sciences that deals with aspects in government. Which need the primary and secondary help of English language, Government, Economics and History to cope with the course.  No mathematics is needed before you can find your way into the field of political science, so amazing!!

Drama/ theatre art: 

you don’t need much here, your talent and dedication is enough for you, no worries on calculation or a figure as drama is concern. All you need is just English, literature in English language  and any other 2 subject you prefer

Adult Education: 

This is an education related course, it is obvious you don’t need mathematics here, unless you are going for a course like mathematics education, physics education and the likes. All you need is a primary and second knowledge in English language, history, government any one other prefer subject in social science.



 As regard to this, mathematics is neither need or recommends passing, it is a course you don’t need mathematics in your JAMB combination neither do you need it after admission. For your JAMB combination, all you need is just English language, Biology, chemistry, and physics.


 No mathematics is required here; you deal with the globe and nothing to do with mathematical calculation. Actually Geography also relate to art, which is the reason it is called a social science course. You need English language, geography, chemistry and physics to carry on without fear.

Food science and technology:

 little of mathematics is required here, believe me it is just the simple principles you know during your junior secondary school days. It calls for little analysis in mathematics, you need Biology , English language, chemistry, and either of mathematics or physics


it is a medical course which you just need knowledge  in Biology, English language, chemistry, physics and you are good to go. No mathematical analysis needed here!!


 You don’t need mathematics also as is it a medical related course, all you need is a better idea in Biology, chemistry, English language, and physics


Public administration


Library and information

Civil law








Medicine and surgery


Social studies



Deep in you, it is a relief seeing course that doesn’t speak for mathematics, actually there are more numbers of courses that does not need the knowledge of mathematics, but these are the major courses that can feed you cool cash without studying mathematics related course.

But don’t forget to aspire being like a mathematician, think like a mathematician because it helps, though mathematics is optional in the field of studies but it will help on a life project.

Now you do not compulsorily need mathematics to get a degree only because there are course you can study without mathematics.

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