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Monday, June 10, 2019

How to Study Physics for JAMB and Pass Easily- Edu Update

how to pass JAMB easily 

Physics is mostly one of the major compulsory subjects in the UTME combination, according to JAMB record, 70% of candidate who chooses physics as one of their combination usually having the least mark in physics. If they were aware of the ways to study physics for JAMB pass easily, they will surely have high scores marks in their UTME physics. Below are some amazing tips you should take while studying for your UTME physics examination, now you will be able to pass your physics for JAMB with high score.

How can I pass physics examination? Are you worried of this? You shouldn’t be afraid or worried of physics; there are best ways you should take while studying for your UTME exercise here you will never believe the ways are extremely working and even in all aspect of passing your examinations, it will work for you. You should know the steps will be accordingly, get yourself a more conducive place and let learn something right now.

 The first thing you should know is that UTME exercise is not your college examination, to pass it!! You have to study wide from different source. Do not see JAMB physics examination questions as the way your physics teacher set examination questions for you, yea!! You should not expect to pass physics UTME if you think the questions will be set as the ways most of your teachers set their test questions.

You are too stressed with those interesting facts? smiles!! Sorry let go to the main body

Step 1:  Have the basic concept in Physics

Having the required experience in the subject will help you a long mile; you need the foundation first before you can think of passing physics JAMB questions. Trying to do so will pave way for nothing less than 70 all over 100 in your Physics UTME result, wow!! You killed it!!, how I wish you get more than that in your physics UTME exercise, but don’t forget you can never have that great achievement without taking this number 1 step first. It is the very step to take before coming out with good score in your physics UTME result.  I will wait for you to take that before going to the next step

Step 2: Have physics subject outline (syllabus)

You know without a map, you can never get to your destination, hmmmm!! Seems deep right? But this is the second fact to your success in physics examination. Get the syllabus on the subject and see what the outcome looks like, you have the pre-knowledge of the course when you have the syllabus with you.  Find the outline in any bookshop and work with it, so you can get good score in your physic examinations

Step 3: study your textbooks comprehensively

You have to get it straight that no shortcut to good result, you should not expect yourself becoming a good physics student without you poised to been a reader always. You pass your school examination doesn’t mean you will definitely pass your UTME examination, that is the reason you have to be a comprehensive learner, read to show thyself approved. A notable white man once said, if you want to hide anything from the blacks, put it in a book, it shows a great respect for books and that is the reason you have to read to get wider knowledge on your subjects

Step 4: Get the physics past question

Getting the past question for physics is another thing you should get to know, do you know the secret behind past questions? It is just like the Area of Concentration, JAMB is telling not to stress yourself on reading that much, that is the reason for getting past questions and going through it. Note!! It might not be the same questions , though some of my UTME questions where live and direct when I did mine, if it is not the same question, then have it in mind the format of setting the physics UTME question will 100% be of same pattern.  So do yourself a favor by getting the past question for physics, it is the one of the best tips for passing UTME physics questions and a way to be a very good student in your entire subject

Step 5: Practice your past question often

After getting your physics past question for your JAMB physics examination preparation, most student stare at their books or even abandoned them, I have a cousin who does that, until he wrote his UTME examination three consecutive time, that is when he knew how to stick close to his past questions, most funny thing is that he has all the necessary textbooks as a science student but he has apathy to reading. So bad!! Don’t fall into that category, be informed now!!
Practice your past question and get high scores in all your JAMB examination questions, don’t let procrastination fail you, you should please get past questions for all subjects because they are your paths to success in passing all examinations and are all affordable, you can get it at a cheap price within $1 in the American currency or N300 in Nigerian currency.

Step 6: Work with Time

Something about JAMB is time. It is Very compulsory you know how to manage your time if you want to pass your physics examination, not only physics this time around, it is a logic for all subject, mostly subjects that deals with calculation. You have a big problem if you find it difficult to manage duration given to you, so work on it and get yourself prepared as regards to time.

Step 7: memorize formulas

It covers any aspects of calculation, if you are at the aim of passing JAMB examinations, even WAEC! You have to memorize formulas in the required subject you offer. It is really important, don’t cram them, you only need to deal with memorizing the formulas, understanding the principles behind the proving and stick to it. If I tell you I remember the almighty formula off hand, that will be a big good lie, the way it was prove was my only sword that made me memorize it till date. So work on memorizing your formulas and not cramming them.

Step 8: Answer questions you know first.

It is very important you ignore questions you don’t know and later come back for it after you are carefully done with the ones you know; it is another useful key to manage your time effectively. You don’t have to gamble or stare at questions you don’t know, it waste time and you might end up not answering all the questions, you might not have the opportunity to answer the simple question because you have wasted time on the questions you have little idea on. Answer what you are sure of and later come back for the less assured questions; it will be of good advantage in passing your physics examination and all related subjects.

Step 9: Fear Not!!

Fear kills that any other thing, so have it in mind you are facing the examination with 100.99% confidence, smiles!! That is if 100.99% exist.  Go there and make your fear nothing as examination is concerned. Fear can make you forget all what you read and got stored in the brain, most people fail examination not because they don’t know it but, they have 100% of fear dwelling in their mind, most fearful question like, what if I don’t pass? What if what I read doesn’t come out? What if the invigilator shouts at me? Come one!! You don’t need that; just go there with an undiluted confidence

You should know…  there will be one more steps which is above all others I have mentioned here, the steps above on how to study physics for JAMB and pass easily are just the body, praying to God is the crown, sure!! I know you have been expecting this, here it is. If you are aiming at how to read and passing your physics JAMB examination, follow those steps and make prayer the catalyst to pass your physics examinations, that is the 100% way to get off failure and pass all examination including your physics JAMB examination.

 The 9 steps above will also help you make distinctions in your physics JAMB questions but you also need prayer to back it up effectively, reading without prayer is more or less as eating without drinking water for weeks. Take those steps and see yourself in accuracy, not even 1% of failure.


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