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Sunday, June 16, 2019

How to Pass Science Examination without Reading Much- Edu Update

How to pass all science subjects

Have you ever thought of how do i  pass examinations, mostly the core science subject? I think it is a wrong decision to think too often if you are not taking the right decision. You will love to pass exams like  mathematics, English, chemistry, agricultural science, and the likes and getting good grades in your tests in subjects you offer, yet you don’t have a specific approach to get them, come on! Why don’t you get the steps that work on each subject?

 Here are available steps student must take before getting close to 100% in his or her academic performance, you know not all tips works in becoming good in science subjects, science subject are one of the very naughty courses; you just have to study and get the one that works best, then take the steps into action.

Most students find it difficult to pass common examination because of their ignorance; they think every method that work for one student works for everyone, no!! You have to study and get the one that works best. Now listen, this article will provide you with the perfect skills and knowledge you should acquire when studying some subject below, which you should take into action as fast as possible in other to get distinctions in them. 

There will be a list of working steps to take in action, mathematics, English language, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural science ,Biology  in other to make good grades in them. You are wondering, what the hell of skill do have I have to acquire before I can pass this simple subjects? Come on, get off that and let learn something new.

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Those subjects are simple!! Agreed?  But if you are not aware of the principle to take before you can beat them, it is a pity that you are a failure in that course, let keep the story short and move on to the main information.


 Ohh yea!!! I know it is a subject that you have probably been running for, whereby some people are always in love with mathematics every second while holding their big pen. Before you can be a better student in mathematics, have it in mind that you must pay the price to the following steps

1.       Train your mind first: make sure you train your mind in the sense of not giving up or relenting

2.       Believe in yourself

3.       Work with friends who are much better than you in the field of mathematics

4.       Acquire knowledge from all available source

5.       Be disciplined

6.       Practice your past question

7.       Ask questions

Yup!! Those are the core things to be taken into consideration before becoming a good mathematics student

English language:

 You think English language is simple, then try attempting answering questions related to concord or the fill in the gap  area in general, then you know that English deals with a lot of studies before you can get up boldly from your average performance. You need to get some simple amazing things done before you can be assured of facing English Language examination and coming out in flying colors, don’t be scared, they are just few and simple things that has to be done.

1.       Work on your spoken English: very compulsory to note that, anything written must have been practiced by the mouth, I think you should notice it in your oral English examination, lol, that silly stuff that makes noise in the examination hall while trying to pronounce your oral examination.

2.       Be a good writer: something that kept me moving on when it comes to English language, I was a crazy writer then. I fell in love with writing right from class 4, sounds cool right!! You should try familiarizing yourself with writer in other to get the cool task perfectly, do that if you don’t like writing and am sure it will help you.

3.       Read notes on concord

4.       Go for debate: stop wondering how it will help you in English language, you know it will help, so don’t pretend!! debate is something  that will grind  your spoken English, so get up and participate in debates
5.       Read more: I know you will be thinking,   what is wrong with this dude? I love you think that way and take my steps, this is your one and only catalyst to hasten your English language performance, so read and read more of books


 Here you should be ready to do some certain things you have never done before, believe me it is one of the simplest. In chemistry, you will always face spectacular challenges but here are the ways to scale them and come with good performance in chemistry. Knowing the principles behind it will help a lot to get better at it. You know chemistry is a core science subjects? So let get off stories and get the simple things you have to know about passing chemistry as a core and related science subject
1.       Be ready to understand chemistry and not cramming: sure, there are some equations you cannot cram; you just have to understand them. You know it is not a good idea to cram balancing of equations, be it redox or the likes, so why do you need to learn how to cram when you know chemistry deals majorly with equations.


2.        Build your thinking ability: you have to do this, as it applies to mathematics, it also applies here in chemistry. it is very interesting you try and work it out yourself
3.       Read always: very compulsory. Wait… have you been noticing that reading is one of the vital role to play if you want to pass your examinations with good grades. Try to get that done and let see what it is giving you in return


This is the lord in the science field; it has simple steps to take before you can pass it. You don’t have to be scared, the simple steps are interesting one, I don’t know why most student run away from physics; maybe they don’t know how interesting it is to study physics. I bet you they don’t know what, and how the simple tactics you have to play is all about.
1.       Know the concept first: it also goes along with other subject, but more compulsory you get to know the concept when it gets to physics, I advise you to get the syllabus and work on it, this will put more light on that.

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  • 2.       Understand more and cram less: you are also going to cram some things, but I won’t advise you to cram, that is why you should cram less and understand more as regard to physics  
  • 3.       Build your brain capacity: yeap! You have to store some damn interesting things, so build your brain capacity.
  • 4.       Work more on physics calculations
  • 5.       Read comprehensively
  • 6.       Ask question from your tutors

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Agricultural science:  

very simple!! But if you are not guided, I am sorry you might fail. Agriculture is the studies some part of nature too apart from the normal idea of cultivating, so there are some useful things you have to take note and also understand before you can be a good agriculture student.  If you have been following from the beginning, I am sure something is telling you I have finally gotten best ways to pass agricultural science examinations”. Here we come! Follow these steps bellow and get good grades in your agricultural science examination

1.       Be ready for practical: if you are the lazy type, I mean you don’t know  how to farm, you had better get yourself ready for it because agric science deals a lot about practical 
2.       Do not under-rate the subject
3.       Study all about soil and their types, it will help and a great tool for the real job


how can I pass biology without studying? That question sounds somehow right, first thing you have to know before you can pass biology is to study, not only study alone, but you should be able to draw, not compulsorily but you must be able to label sketched diagrams in biology. 

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  • 1.       Be ready for knowledge of practicals also
  • 2.        Know the concept in biology
  • 3.       Study diagram and labeling of the diagrams
     4.       Always read


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Great!  With these tips, you can pass your core science subject. I am sure there is no doubt in you now, you are freed from worries on how to pass science subjects, so just take those steps and see yourself excelling


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