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Friday, May 31, 2019

7 major tips to improve your academic performance- Edu Update

Things that will improve your academic life

Be informed!! There are 7 major tips to improve your academic performance, student academic life has been one of the vital achievement a student must accomplish in other to be confident of his or her self. Most students find it difficult to scale through a very excellent academic life, yes they don’t have the tips to a better academic result in life, then having a poor result after concluding their educational scheme, in other not to fall into this category, you should get information on the best way to grow your academic life in college or university, also amazing ways to balance your academic life with your social life. Let go!! 

Commonly said education is the key to success, but do you know having an improved academic life and coming out with an excellent academic result will not change the padlock of your education life  key even the key to your entire successful life.

Take your time and read again to understand the statement above, have you ever asked yourself, how can I balance my academic life with my social life?  You should mostly ask yourself, what are the tips to a better academic result in life? If only you want to be a good student. Don’t forget! Ability to identify your problem should come first, which you had known. Now!! Let be a problem solver, problem solving are the ways at which you can improve yourself as a student.

Here are the 7 major keys to improve your academic grades, most people are not aware of those Importance things to do before having good grades, they just want to pass examination by all means with getting this detailed information.

But before we go into it, let try a brain test first, get yourself chilled water and sit comfortably, think one way out of the numerous ways to improve one’s academic life as a student. Did you just thought of being independent will fetch you a great academic achievement? Yes!! You are absolutely correct.  Let go deep!!

Step 1: Being independent  

You might not be an outstanding student you have always wished to be, if you think depending on your friend to pass examination, doing your assignment correctly and those naughty student acts will help you. Even you should not depend on your teacher to get you all information you need, adhering to one source will not get you good grades in your examination, don’t give a damn to one source of information, make sure you gather information from different source proving some facts.

Something you don’t know is that your tutor is capable of feeding you with 30% out of all what you need to know in your academics, now left unto you to make extra research and read often to make up with the 70% remaining for you.

So make your way by heeding to this and see how it will help your studies.

Step 2: Do not think any subject is difficult

I have never thought any subject is difficult to understand, that is a sword to get to the some peak as academic life is concern, well!! It might be tough, but have it in mind that is neither difficult nor complex to understand any subject. The mentality how mathematics has been a kind of difficult subject, but luckily, mathematics is a made easy subject, taking mathematics as a complex course should not still play around in your thinking if you want to improve in your academic life

I wonder why students should reason one subject or the other is difficult, such a crazy mentality!! This will just put off the burning zeal of you to study, indirectly brings you down academically in that subject.so have it in mind, no subject is difficult at all, just play the wonderful idea and let see how it get improving your educational life.

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Step 3: Never believe you know it all

This is one of the problem student has always encounter in their studies, but the funny thing is that they do not know it major problem. As a student, for you to get improved in your studies, this is one certain thing you have to know in mind, prove you know nothing even if you are brilliant.

 If you think you are knowledgeable than any other person, then you are not on the right path to make a better academic life in your career. As it has already been said, no one is an island of knowledge, so get it straight and humble yourself no matter the level of brilliancy God has given you.

Crazily enough, 99% of students compete with one another, I don’t just want to say 100%, but the fact is that 99% of students compete when it comes to studies. Competition among students is one of the greatest and deadly mistakes you should not make as a student.  Most students as a result of selfishness, they want the best to their selves believing the tag Best Student must be attached to them only, which is a wrong way to make it.

I am not painting being a best student black, No!! and am not saying engaging in competition is bad, healthy competition will help student but when it is not healthy, It is much more better to prove better than you were before. Try not to be stagnant in your academics, do better than whom you were, get a goal and make yourself a better tomorrow not indulging with rivalry opportunities.

 The best way is to set a goal, assuming you had 71% in your previous examination, now set something higher for the term in are in for and see the difference in your achievement, probably 80% will be a better one. By so doing, I bet you are getting your way far ahead of your stagnant performance and becoming a smart one you have always think of becoming.

Step 5: work with syllabus and materials

One major thing you have to take into consideration is the syllabus, be sincere with yourself, do you have the syllabus of all course you offer in school? Answer that within you with 100% sincerity .Having useful materials and also update syllabus will help you get good grades in your academic life. Syllabus will give you the introductory knowledge on what topic you will face ahead of the class.

Now get to work on syllabus alongside materials, majorly your textbooks and see how it feels to become one of the best in your field.

Step 6:  Go on extra research

You should be a student who is ready for the task. One thing adding some flavor to your academic life is the ability to go on extra research, both online and also getting more book to read, one compulsory thing is now to be DATA [megabyte] sufficient in other to go on online research.

Good results are important but getting it comes with task, you don’t expect your teacher to give limitations to the collection of their examination question, so you ought to get more information before the examination commence to perform well in your studies.

Step 7: Remember to put God first                     

Don’t forget, the only excellent wisdom you can get obtained from God, he will give you freely, and then you get all what you need in becoming a better student in your studies. All those listed points on how to be a smart student in class are just the branches, the most helpful step on getting good grades is to pray to God and believe in him.

 Also remember that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


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