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Thursday, March 28, 2019

20 best lucrative business to start with little money in Nigeria - Edu Update


Top Amazing ways you students can make money.     

Money! Income!! Wealth! Have you been wondering how to make money has a student even at a tender age? You always get worried about how to balance your financial status as a student. Then you never made mistake accessing eduupdate. Business a student can start on their own are very numerous, getting a source of income as a student has been the best thing that has ever happened to any student in life.

 Ways to sort out your money as a student and stop asking from your parent is very much cool, only if you know not everything comes in life very cheap without taking risk or sacrificing your time, let me just say nothing comes easy in life. No am not scaring you neither saying you can’t make your money has a student, just trying to make you get prepared of several risk you have to take. You think on the things a student can do to earn money every day and you never take a steps on how to make legitimate money in Nigeria and even across the globe, don’t worry has ways to sort out your money as a student  in college will be unveil.

There are so many opportunities out there in making money as an undergraduate or olevel degree holder, but most are limited in thought to the idea of teaching job alone, well it is great to earn money has a teacher as it has its advantages, but come to think of this, what of those better opportunities of getting rich as a student you didn’t have clue of? 

There are so many ways a student can be rich legitimately even at a tender age, bury the idea of, “as a student if I don’t engage in yahoo, I can’t be riches as a student’’.  There are golden opportunities for students to be financially buoyant far better than going into dirty jobs.

Now let go straight to the point, what are the businesses students can start in college? Ways students can make legit money in universities? What are the opportune businesses a student can go into? Ways to have cool money even at a young age in college? When this set of questions run through your mind, all what you have to do first in order not to make the wrong step is to ask yourself again, what kind of business can I start as a student to earn? You should able to think of numerous things and even get deeper in thought, think on what a student can do to earn money if you are good at racking your brain.

 But what if none came to your mind, you don’t have idea on the simple way a student can earn in college neither do you have idea on online business a student can go into and make money legitimately even in universities, that is when you need our help to get you guided on the major business a student can go into to earn a living.

Source of income a student can earn from

Affiliate market-

   This is the most common way students get money in this present world mostly in Nigeria. Affiliate business is an income source where you earn a certain commission by serving promoter to other people’s website. It is so common you have to pay to the site you choose to register with before you can earn your cool cash, common affiliate websites in Nigeria bring their registration fee as low below N2000 or $4. Once you register with a token, then you can start earning your cool cash in college, the more friends you register with the link given to you, the more your money accumulates and you get paid at the agreed time directly to your bank account.


 This is another amazing way a student can make money, you make riches independently as an exporter. Here you transport goods internationally after undergoing lectures mostly at lower cost, just import goods like clothes, shoes, laptops, phones, etc and sell them at a profitable rate. The issue is to get your customers and deal with them. It is better you are been guided by a competent exporter


 Here, you can only make money is you have higher authority on social media. Take an advantage of the social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram and the likes as your cool money making machine in college or university. You can advertise exporter commodities, business man and so on to make way to financial breakthrough. It is a very easy means of earning, you earn your cool cash with no stress 

Graphics designer

 student who knows how to design can never be broke, you charge and render your services as a graphics designer. It is even advisable to go for the training after secondary school so you can have a source of income when you get to college

Go into blogging-

 This is where you have to work day and night, as blogging tends to be the most lucrative online business a student can set up and an acceptable way to make money as a college boy or girl, it is not a play work. Before you can start or go into blogging easier, you need to go for the training to be a successful one.

Vblogging – 

vblogging which also implies video blogging is a type of a web content where videos are recorded, modified and published. This is a great opportunity for student to earn legitimately in universities or college; you also need to go for thorough training on it to be guided 

Organize tutorial

 if you seem to be a smart and brilliant one, you have what it takes to be a briliant one, then this is an opportunity for you to make money has a student by organizing tutorial and teaching student at the primary motive of impacting and having a source of income. Becoming a tutor is easy, you can start by rendering service to students online or physically

Becoming an agent-

you can make business by becoming an agent with either paga, jumia, quickteller, konga and the likes just to receive your commission and an agreed time. It is easy, just access their website and sign up as an agent.

Coin traders

you can go into trading bitcoin and its derivatives, it is a lucrative business a student can go into, you buy bitcoin at a lower price and then trade it by selling it at an higher price to your customers. It is an internationally business, so market can’t be stagnant.

Soap and cream producer

looking for a very lucrative job just like an exporter? Why don’t you take advantage of making soap and get a way to earn money as a student. If you have an idea, it is a thing you can create in your residential places and sell it out for a motive of profit. Students should get it that, this business student can engage themselves in do not need large capital


 One great opportunity for university student is becoming a musician or a DJ because most students love social life, apart from depending on student who loves parties, you can go for occasion off campus where you can mix disc or sing. This  



Recharge card business

very easy business for student, you can sell recharge card or Data online and get paid, not only getting paid from your sold recharge card, you also get palatable commission from the site you sign up into as a Data vendor

Freelance writer

Are you a good writer, your passion is to write? You can turn it to a source of income as a student and be financially alright as a student. You can write and sell to blogger for them to publish on their blog, you write according to the niche and topic you were given to write on.

Catering service/ pastries and cake baking

 mainly for women, but you can reverse the adage ‘’ what a man can do, a woman can do better’’ men also can go into baking of cake and catering service. It is a great opportunity for student to earn cool cash, it gives opportunities off campus and also within the campus 

Web designer-

 Commonly implies you are a computer scientist if you can design web, take advantages of this if you are a studen, just design web and get paid

Standup comedy

This is where you get not only income but also lover if you talented in making people laugh, standup comedy is a mini source of income a normal student will not think about, but believe me it is very profitabe

Forex trading-

 forex trading is one of the most lucrative source of income a student can ever accomplish, but it is very easy to get into liquidation. For you to source out your income by trading, you have to be under guide, get a coach who can lead you through to maximize profits.

Sell software

This is a great advantage to the computer the computer technologist and also a scientist, you can make way into financial breakthrough by also selling of software to people in need of it.

Repair computer and mobile phones

you have idea on repairing and maintenance of computer equipment? Why don’t you earn money as a student from that? This is also ways to earn money at a tender age independently; what a cool business for student,you don’t need to work under anybody. Just render your services and get paid

T shirt printing-

 customizing clothes is also one of the profitable businesses a student can go into as a source of income to college girls and boys. You just print names on clothe and collect your cool cash from your customers.

With this article, we are sure you have gained a lot on the how students can earn money, even the profitable business student can go into. You can make your cool cash as a student even at a tender age with those guides. We hope this article really help, express your view in the comment box  and also share to your friends

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