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Sunday, March 03, 2019

10 Great Benefits of Technology in Education- Edu Update

Importance of ICT in education and how to utilize them.   

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ICT  has really done great importance in education, ICT promotes technology  which  has  not only done great in term of  education for easy learning, when we talk about impact in social life, transferring of information, ICT has been of benefit in  improving the Education quality in school for easy  teaching.

 You had better know importance of technology in education system  if you are still  confused or it is not known to you that most outstanding students  you know  or see  are only not holding the tag as outstanding student because they read a lot, No!! it is mostly because they get familiar with the Internet and gain detailed information on what they are been taught in college or universities.

But has ICT is concern; it has been of more advantage when we come to the education aspect. ICT  has done more good that harm to the education sector, that is only if you can utilizes the positive effect ICT have brought to student, most college, secondary school, polytechnic, and even universities as most institution uses projector.  A very convenient  way information can be pass to students in the classroom rather than using the common means which is to  write on board.


ICT is an abbreviation for information and communication technology. ICT in a more broad term. It is a modern  technology  that can come up with equipments that support and make things easier for  people, thereby improving ways communications can be conveyed and other useful things.

ICT has made awareness easier, faster and even more reliable; with ICT learning has even been fun even the young ones find their way reading interestingly. The idea of smart phones educational applications mostly downloaded on play store, has introduced a away even lazy student who don’t love reading can enjoy studying with a smart phone


Getting relevant information through the internet:

This is where advantageous role ICT plays on modern education begins, with the internet, student find it really cool to access Google for information they feel to know more about.  students who are always available and serious in his or her  studies should know that it not possible to be taught everything by teachers,  he or she have to access the internet for more knowledge of what he learned  in class. Even a student who is a kind of lazy pupil should know that assignment given to them which must be submitted on a specific day is an indirect way to enforce studying on them, you know you will be penalize for not submitting at the right time, and you also you the best way is to access the internet.

Your teachers are aware of the amazing importance of   ICT in term of the education sector, that is the reason you were given additional task, ICT will solve that!! . It imparts computer knowledge in students and supports them to acquire useful amounts of information from various websites. Over centuries of getting  familiar with the technical and amazing uses of ICT in schools, the education aspect has always and will continue to be  a different one ever since then. Decreasing the  time spent on mechanical aspects like rewriting, producing graphs, improving the speed and accuracy of results and acquired  information .  Not only making those stuffs go well alone, it kill bored mood of acquiring knowledge.

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Mutual understanding between teachers and student:

Technology has and idea of  bringing both the teachers and student more in a  close contact. Now  if you the type that has this fear approaching your teachers in you, it is a glad thing for you that technology has helped, with this! you can not be scare or shy to communicate with your teacher, social media like Facebook, whatsApp has given you the opportunity to communicate with them freely and amiably.

Classroom Learning:

 Classroom learning has always been one of the greatest advantages ICT has brought to education, in implementing ICT to education; classroom learning is one core main point that takes learning so easy, therefore  learner sees it very interesting to access knowledge  and see the pure experimental aspect of it. Listening to your teacher and getting live information through the implementation of some amazing effect of the computer which makes student participate actively. Yea!! Technology has come about these accessible effective features.  It was then back in the centuries, when technology system is a kind a weak system, learning was complicated. So introduction of these cool concept to the education sector  helps in direct interaction and students are opportune  to ask relevant questions also participating in live discussions.

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Computer-based test:

 Another amazing importance of ICT in learning, Computer-based test is one of the recent introduced system by  the minister of education. Yes!! now you remember,  most of all colleges and  universities in the world make useful of computers to seat for either test or examination. A good example is the UTME exercise organized by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board [JAMB] in Nigeria, even secondary schools admitted that principle, cool!! They  believe everyone should be a computer literate, that is the reason for school communication tools that help students  get improved learning skills through  help of technology in the education sector.

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Social media group reading

This has been absolutely great with the Internet. has  been helped me personally, I am writing from experience. A common saying “iron sharpens iron”  is not an ordinary saying at all, most of the brilliant student find their path into most social media like Facebook, whatsApp and even some website where brainstorm do take place, they teach themselves new things even going to the extent of challenging one another, you can’t get bored reading with friends, that is one encouraging thing about reading online. Most average students turn guru while in the process of thorough brainstorming as regard to their readiness, a great blessing, you must agree with me

No limitation to studying

Technology is a good resources and  has put a an end to limiting student idea during studying, has it gives room to get detailed information  apart from the textbook recommended in college, giving wide range of opportunities to learn a specific concept in different amazing ways

It makes student recover what he/she as missed in class:

Missing lectures or coming late to class  does not seem the subject will be failed, technology making it an easier way for students to access what you were  taught even in different scope on understands . It either you chat up your friends who attended the class or search the details on Google  

Critical thinking and problem solving

This speaks in  all aspect in life and not only in education, even a young child should think faster and more sensible than the technology less privileged students as the world emerge fast in the digital life.  Technology has built the ability to rack brain , making student a creative product in the world, and also create aware information alongside motivate student that they can do it   

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Video conferencing:

One more  good thing about  technology where students are opportune to communicate with additional students and lecturers online. making students become lively contributors in  learning. Video Conference is an helpful communication feature that has been able to build and amend the olden way we acquire visual knowledge in schools to an interesting, better, any also easy  way in delivering information to students.

Through the positive effect of technology, large quantum of knowledge has been made available and easy to access. Technology importance in education has done a quite outstanding job, not only in education but also in all aspect of life.

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