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Friday, February 15, 2019

8 Most Lucrative Engineering Courses in Nigeria 2019 -Edu Update


Engineering courses has been the most lucrative course in Nigeria, as the economy of the country stage to come down drastically, it is advisable to go for a profitable course. You had loved to be an engineer? That is great! A very wonderful idea, Here are 7 richest engineering courses you need to take notice of. However there are more than 20 lucrative Engineering courses across the globe, but this article will give you 7 highly lucrative courses to study under the faculty of Engineering if you aim becoming an engineer will be best for you.

Most people message via mail, saying they have always wanted to be an engineering student during the days of career choosing in secondary schools, as a result of riches most course in the Engineering field has been brought home and regarding the financial breakthrough it paves way for, but they eventually ended up going for a different course entirely because we only had idea then but we don’t have full knowledge about the course and what it has to give us. Do not bother yourself any longer, for that is the reason this article has been published specially for you.

What is engineering?

A very important thing you must know before building interest in becoming one of the greatest engineers of our time. The word engineering seems simple, the funniest thing is that we say it often but we don’t have full idea of the simple word. So bad!! Engineering is the introduction of the application of mathematical knowledge and the physical sciences to assist the needs of human being and alongside development of technology which is of benefit to the world.
Cool you now know what engineering means, let move ahead and get to the main point, I know you guys must have been tired of the interesting facts...

But wait!!!.... Who are the engineers?

Who is an Engineer?

An engineer is a person who is fully and professionally engaged in any branch of engineering and technology.

We must have learnt something great before going to the list of profitable engineering courses, here we are!  


1.     1.    Petroleum Engineering

 This is a course feeding a whole nation; it has been a course a whole nation relies on for finance. In Nigeria, petroleum has been the source of income and till date, it remains the highest revenue generating source. Petroleum engineers deal with refining of petroleum mineral resources mostly oil, gas, petrol, kerosene, diesel, and some other related unfinished products.  As a petroleum engineer, you can work in big oil and gas companies like shell, chevron, NNPC to mention few, and this entitle you earning a minimum of N800,000 monthly. Even the least degree holders [gatemen, cleaners] earn nothing less than N100,000 on a monthly bases

 2.Electrical electronics engineering:

A very nice course to study, Electrical Engineers is extremely wealthy personnel. You are open to work mainly in PHCN, electrical engineers are in control of construction of power supply of a whole nation, and the less educated ones are in control of giving out electrical energy and mostly supervised by the BSc holders. Electrical engineers earn close to to a petroleum engineer, but not really close. They earn nothing less than N680000 in a month

  3.  Civil Engineering:

This should have been the richest course in the faculty of Engineering, if not that it is majorly base on contract deals. Civil engineers deals with construction of buildings, companies, roads, overhead bridges and so on, as a self-employed civil engineer, it pays when you have customers that assign contract to you frequently but civil engineering is more lucrative when you work under standard companies like Julius Berger and other notable contract awarding companies, it gives you a chance to earn a minimum of N600,000 monthly

   4. Computer Engineering:

This is very lucrative abroad, but still very lucrative in Nigeria if you are opportune to work under cool companies placing on a monthly diet. It could also be more money fetching when you work alone but having customers to patronize you makes you a millionaire. Computer engineers deals majority with creating, repairing and maintaining of software, they also have knowledge in securing which is mostly learn by computer scientist

      5. Chemical Engineering:

     This is also one of the most lucrative Engineering course in Nigeria, an engineer who specialize in the field of chemistry has 100% opportunity for work, at various it may go, they work in numerous offices as regard to their field of specialization. 

       Average chemical engineer earn nothing less than N260,000

      6.  Mechanical Engineering:

Most student run away from this course because they think Mechanical engineering are dirty jobs, don’t mind them, we are concern about money here. As far as Mechanical Engineering is concern in Nigeria, it still ranks among the top 5 lucrative engineering courses in Nigeria. As a mechanical engineer, you have the choice being employed or self-employed dealing with either of the two are also lucrative. Mechanical engineers deals with constructing, reappearance and maintenance of machineries used in industries

  7. Agricultural engineering:

 A life course! They are specialized on agricultural system in the nation. As a BSc degree holder of Agricultural Engineering, you are entitle to work with Agricultural firms earning a minimum income of N200000
The joyful thing in the course is having huge amount of capital to start up a firm will be of more benefit and makes you wealthier as an Agricultural engineer

8.       Mechatronics engineering:

Let assume you are lucky reading this article, mechatronics engineering is the latest engineering course introduced few years ago to the faculty of engineering in Nigeria. Well only two universities in Nigeria offers the course as regard to the facilities they possess in which will help student in the process of studying Mechatronics engineering. The course deals in aspect of the mechanical, computer, and electrical knowledge, as you can decode that the word MECHATRONICS is gotten from mechanical, computer and electrical. 

Mechatronics engineers have knowledge in the three aforementioned courses, the course is not really wide in term of Job opportunity in Nigeria, but it is a hot cake if you are fortunate enough to get employed abroad after getting good degree in your BSc certificate, you are already a millionaire. The course is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria and like the Top 3 lucrative in the whole world.   

Now... You have gotten full idea on how profitable engineering courses are, and even the ranges of salaries in amount engineers collect. Being an engineer is interest as a profession, but you have to work towards it, study hard to become one of the best engineers and probably going for profitable engineering courses.

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