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Friday, December 28, 2018





                                    SCORING 300+ IN JAMB IS NOT AN ILLUSION.

Step to the zeal of scoring high JAMB mark is very easy to take, as the JAMB officially release registration date, no doubt the sales of the jamb form will commence on the 10th January 2019. The examination date will automatically follow in a week time, UTME candidate are advised to start active studies now....procrastination is a thief of time!!! and if you are not guided, you will definitely be grounded.

 Prospective candidate choosing some universities like University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ilorin should take note that these are  very competitive school and as such you will see people scoring high. The first step to securing your admission is to score high marks.. In this article, we are  going to list some of the things you can do to achieve this..

Be certain on the course you are choosing, and know their task. I believe you ought to have been informed that courses like, Medicine and Surgery, courses under faculty of Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Accounting are a bit though to secure admission into. so you need to be ready to face the consequence by though and comprehensive study.

👉 Apply for the right course and subject combination..
 This is very important as it is an automatic disqualification if your subject combination are not right..Choose subjects you are good at in secondary school so that it can boost your jamb score..

👉 study the subjects with dedication and love...learn to love it...some people hate maths but wants to write it in jamb..theres no way u can pass if u don't love the subject... he who fails to plan, plan to fail

 .Organize your study space.. make sure you have enough space to spread text book and note, it could make you comfortable reading

 organise study group with friends.... a problem shared is a problem solved, gather reliable friends to study well, go deep into each subject planned for the day. in most cases distraction  might come in, that is why i said reliable friends. Share ideas with each other.

👉 Set a high UTME score target.. See yourself being able to score 280 and above..don't limit yourself and pray for 200 because that's the school's cutoff.. Don't forget securing 200 is not an automatic admission, it will just give you opportunity to engage in the admission exercise, neglecting the fact that most university  cut off is 200. but scoring a very high JAMB score gives you a better chance to gain admission to your propose institution and of course to your dream course.
👉 Have a study plan...
 Very important, make a time table and ensure you strictly follow it..Start now!! you have just few less than two months to kick off with the examination
👉 Study past questions..
 Jamb questions are mostly repeated...Get your subject past question and solve. Make sure u understand what you are studying..
👉 Time yourself when solving questions especially subject that engage in calculation.. because in order to pass jamb, you must be time conscious. not only been conscious of your duration in the hall, you also need to be smart in answering your questions. Do not waste time on what you are not suppose to.
👉 **Personal recommendation.
 Visit this site daily to get hints on a successful encounter. Refer to your textbooks if you don't understand why a certain answer was picked in the past questions, some textbook I recommend on each subject are as follows

Mathematics...... Lamlard

 Use of English....fundamental of English language

Chemistry..........New school chemistry and lamlard

physics .......... New school physics and lamlard

Agricultural science.... comprehensive certificate agricultural science for senior secondary school

Biology............ modern biology and essential biology

Commerce.... commerce for west Africa

Principle of accounting....modern financial accounting

literature in English...The penguin book of English

Government........ government for senior secondary school

CRS........... christian religious knowledge for senior secondary school

Yoruba.....essential yoruba grammar

Economics......New system economics

History....History of west africa..... vol 1&2

Geography....Contemporary world regional Geography

 I am sure this will be helpful...


1. The JAMB 2019 Online Application form/registration will begin From January, 10th, 2019  and end on February 23rd, 2019 (There may or may not be any form of extension).

2. From the above date, according to calculation.  The form will be on sale for 6 weeks. candidate should purchase the form within that duration

3. You Must Do your Registration in a JAMB APPROVED CBT CENTRE or JAMB office nationwide. Do Not Pay To Any Cyber cafe Outlet that is not Certified by JAMB, do Not say you were not inform.

4. There are 718 accredited JAMB CBT centres nationwide, that will partake in JAMB 2019 registration and/or Examinarion.

5. Make sure you make proper decisions as regards the school(s) or course(s) you will chose in JAMB 2019.
Do not chose LASU because Your Friend wants chose LASU, when your heart Wants UNN!
Do Not chose Law When your heart wants Political Science!

6. My dear, Get your *UP-TO-DATE JAMB past questions for the 4 subjects* you will write, and begin now to read them very well.

 That is JAMB weak point if you want to come out in flying colours

7. If you wish to apply for schools like University of Ibadan, University of lagos, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ilorin, University of Benin, Lagos state university etc, please make sure you study very hard for your UTME exercise and target 300+ irrespective of the course you want. This will help your admission chances.

Talking from Experience in Admission!!

9. Concerning the USE OF ENGLISH novel to read for 2019 JAMB, please all of you should be very careful in the way you get your information.

Please, JAMB have not officially announced any NOVEL for JAMB 2019!
However, JAMB used "IN DEPENDENCE" last year. They may or may not use it this year.
So for now, I will advise you people to be reading your JAMB past questions & textbooks first, until JAMB brings an Info on this.

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