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30+ Courses to Study without Mathematics- Edu Update

          What are the courses i can study without mathematics? It is common that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, ...

Friday, August 30, 2019

35+ Updated List of University that Accept Two (2) sittings- Edu update

Universities that allows combination of result for admission 

There are 3+ federal universities that allow adding two results together on candidate JAMB portal, 10+ state universities that allow combination of results either WAEC or NECO, and more than 20 private universities that includes the principles of two sittings for their admission requirements.


If you have been looking for the universities in Nigeria that makes their admission processes easy, you are on the right web.

At least it makes your admission opportunity a little bit interesting, but you have to get some pre details on two sittings.
The idea of two sittings applies to universities that major does screening for their admission processing, a very wide opportunity for you to gain admission if you apply for institution that uses screening i.e no examination or test required for you before calculating your post UTME score. Let check out the universities accepting combination of result

Two sittings 

Two (2) sittings are just sitting for examination twice!! No one prays to sit for examination twice, but what if it happens is your admission terminated? Absolutely no! The journey to securing admission just begins.

 Some sit for examination as a result of one subject putting their face on the ground, you want to become an engineering student and you failed Physics, this will of course make you re take the examination, or on a general term, we know failing English language will make you go nowhere in processing your admission. Let make this fast, move on lovely readers 

Combination of results

Do you know the most disgusting thing after sitting for examination, maybe the 2nd   time?  Some people still fail subjects, something funny about it is that they fail mathematics in the first examination, be it NECO, GCE, WAEC, so heartbreaking, applied for another examination form but fortunately enough they pass, mathematics in the second examination but fail another compulsory subjects.

 This is a double problem, but you have no boldness to be scared, your admission is still in process.

That is the main reason for bringing in an easier admission techniques which is the combination of, it is the process of substituting one result for the other one your JAMB registration portal, the maximum time you came sit for examination is only two (2) times. That simply means you can only combine you’re NECO, WAEC, GCE result two (2) times, anything result above two result is not allow on the JAMB registration portal

Requirements for two sittings Admission Processing 

It just a simple requirement, you need to know before you put in you registration in other to avoid stories that touches. You need a minimum of five (5) credit in your five (5) core compulsory subjects. Also with a reasonable UTME score, depending on your institution, some requires 150, some needs 180, while some requires 200, but you know eduupdate will never advice those scores for a good start.

Something good enough like 250+ will be a good start depending on the competition on your course you are putting in for, and also the choice of institution you aim at. You know the competition of federal universities is far active compare to that of the state universities

Universities that allow two sittings 

University of Nigeria, Nsuka      (accept
NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

University of Ilorin, Ilorin            (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

University of Abuja, Abuja              (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Federal University of Technology owerri, owerri  (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Obafemi Awolowo University, ile ife         (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

University of Ibadan, oyo state                          (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)     
Federal University of Technology Akure, Akure   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago iwoye    (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Adekule Ajansin University Akungba, AAUA, osun state   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

TAI solarin University of Education  (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Enugu State University, ESUT, Enugu   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Kaduna State University, KASU   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Federal University of Agriculture, (UAM)   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Ekiti State University, EKSU    (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Ahmedu Bello University, (ABU). Zaria   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

University of Benin, Benin state   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

University of Jos, Jos      (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture   (accept NECO, WAEC and GCE result combination)

After listed universities that accept two sittings, some of the universities above do not accept the idea of combining olevel results in some courses like medicine, law, courses under the faculty of technology, pharmacy, and also course in college of medicine. It is not that they don’t allow combination of results is, but some courses are restricted i.e you cannot go beyond the available courses permitted for two (2) sittings.

 Universities that that do not allow two sitting for aspirant who are aiming to study Medicine and surgery, Law, course under the faculty of technology, Pharmacy, and courses under the college of medicine include

University of Ibadan- oyo state
Obafemi Awolowo University- ile ife
University of Lagos (UNILAG)-  lagos state
University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)- Ilorin

Monday, August 26, 2019

Updated Requirements for Studying Medicine and Surgery- Edu Update

Requirement to study Medicine and surgery in Nigeria

Medicine and surgery, commonly called MBBS is one of the course offered in Nigeria and number 1 taste of all student. These are 100% information on all what you need as a medical aspirant, probably looking for the requirement to become a doctor, here are the JAMB subject combination for studying medicine in Nigeria, Universities that offers Medicine and surgery, job opportunity for medical doctor, lucrative countries to study Medicine and Surgery and also subject related to Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery [MBBS], read 100% facts you need to know if you aim becoming a medical doctor! Get a convenient place and a glass of iced coffee, it very compulsory. smiles 


What you don’t know about the term MBBS; it is a Latin word but commonly term in the Britain language as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Its Latin word: Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgia has exposed its worth internationally. It is a science course that deals with the anatomy of human being. They 110% deals with human system, lol if 110 in percentage actually exist, it situated under college of medicine that major on the maintenance and treatment of human health. 

JAMB subject combination and Requirements

A lot of requirement!! i must confess, apart from the UTME requirements, most medical student eventually get sent out of school because they don’t have the full requirement  or their internal  requirement are not mature enough. 

70% of  students aiming to be a doctor  get influence by their parent without having the requirement in them, which they know, wait!! Let discuss the JAMB combination for the course Medicine and Surgery, but do you know you need biology, I mean in-depth understanding of Biology. If you are not a lover of Biology, am sorry you are on the wrong path, you cannot be a Medical student and you are not well grinded in Biology that is 100% impossible.

 In a nut shell, you need Biology, English Language, Chemistry and Physics; these are the subject you need to prepare for your upcoming UTME exercise, it is very compulsory to know the JAMB score requirement, although some institution are fix to 200, universities like University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos, University of Benin, University of Ilorin and so on, but getting less than 300 in your UTME result is not a good start for you, work toward it!! 

Moving to the olevel requirement is also an important requirement to know, is a mandate to get at least a credit in these five subjects: Mathematics, English language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, It is not advisable to limit yourself to a grade of credit (C) because of some institution that use or add Olevel aggregate to their admission requirements, it will affect your point if you limit your potential to Cs, work towards a minimum of B grade, it is a 99% cool start.

Discover your potential before you dive into the course! It a very short important advise which you can split to millions of words if you are wise enough.

MBBS in Countries/ Lucrative countries to study Medicine and Surgery

A very cool thing you should know! Don’t dive into something you don’t have idea on the economics status of the country. Going straight to the point, studying Medicine and Surgery is very lucrative in some countries like China, United State America, Nepal, Russia, Poland, Philippines, Germany, New york, South Africa, Spain, Canada. Those are the 98% assured countries to study Medicine and Surgery without issues in the family Expenses.

 There are some countries which are improving in the aspect of medical science also, it a good thing to study there as they are also countries that are profitable to study Medicine and Surgery. List of the countries that are also profitable to study MBBS are Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Australia, Portuguese, France and lot more.

Duration for studying Medicine and Surgery

In most part of the world like Nigeria, it is assign to study Medicine and Surgery for 7 years, for proper assurance that the students are good to go independently. In some other countries, it take more than 7 years, some are 9, it might be 11 depending on how qualified they want the future doctors to be. 

Have you ever asked why all the numerous year, just to study on course? It is course you should not toy with as it deals with life; we are not talking about the life of a goat here but human being life. 

Another reason why Medicine and Surgery takes time is because it deals with a complex organism, I should say human being is 90%  the most complex living thing on Planet earth, if not 100% it will be one of the most complex being to deal with. So dealing with them, you need time, TIME!

Job opportunities available for a Medicine and Surgery student

It is totally beyond your view; you think as a medical student, the only chance is to work on Human being. Get off that point and think straight. Here are some job opportunities as a medicine and surgery graduate, though it is tough in some countries (that is a plain true fact, we are sugarcoating anything here just to make you happy) but nevertheless, you still make your way as a doctor to an extent depending on your country. 

The list of available employment opportunities as a Doctor are:

Health counselor


Professional Nurse.  


Journalist of health

Psychiatric Doctor

Human health Doctor

Diagnostic (commonly called Radiologist)

Health Researchers


Minister of health 

Commissioner for health

Practical lecturer

Home service Doctor 

Universities that offer Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria

University of Ibadan- Oyo state

University of Lagos- Lagos state

Obafemi Awolowo University- ile ife 

University of Benin- Benin

University of Ilorin- Ilorin 

University of Jos- jos

University of Abuja – Abuja

Olabisi Onabanjo University- ago iwoye

University of Calabar- calabar

University of port-Harcourt 

University of Nigeria 

Afe Babalowo university 

Abia state University- abia

Bayero University- kano

Ekiti state University- ekiti

Federal University of Oye Ekiti- ekiti

Osun state University- osun 

Gombe university- Gombe

Ahmadu Bello University- zaria

Kaduna state University- Kaduna

University of Uyo- uyo

Lagos State University( LASU)- Lagos state

Delta State University(DELSU)- Delta state

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH)- osun state 

Course Related to Medicine and surgery

Medical laboratory Science
Biological Anthropology 
Veterinary Medicine
Psychiatric medicine

Above are the detailed information on requirement to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria , very interesting to know the courses related to medicine and surgery which was added in the article. 

Most people look beyond the limit opportunity your brain can carry as a medical doctor, the job opportunity for a medical doctor are very numerous if only you are qualified to be a medical student, and what are the qualities you should possess before being a medical Doctor? They are:

Scientific skills( they are your knowledge in Biology and other compulsory subject to scale through, also your intellect matters)



Age- it matters to an extent 

Future medical doctors!! I wish you succeed and make it through your career as a medical student 

Why Do We Go To School?- Edu Update


Have you ever asked yourself this question, why do we go to secondary school and university? Yet still not certain to get job. If you don't know now, it is better you know. School does not offer you job opprtunity, the 90% aim of school is not to get you employment but to build you mentally towards creating a job opportunity.

I could remember vividly 4 years ago during my corp service, the soldier who  addressed us told us  not to depend on our degree for employment, he said don't be at the aim of seeking job oppoetunity, but rather create one.

Having a degree doesn't guarantee having a your desired job or career success.
This is common knowledge; by now, I believe you already know this!

So why go to school?
How many graduates do you know, (your siblings, friends or yourself inclusive) who flaunted their NYSC certificates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant Social Media platform have a "good" (desired) job or are successful in their choice careers today?

Forget it, many of us are still struggling - we're only pretending; trying to be smiley each time we show up here to BOOK our FACE(s)! 

Just so we will not be looked down upon, we claim to have achieved so much when in fact there's absolutely nothing in the plate to eat!

How do you explain to people that you still depend on others for livelihood after so many years of graduating from school?
No job.
No Business.
No wife.
No husband.
No money for further studies.

You're just stagnant.
Nothing is happening.

How do you tell people about that?
From whence do you start the explanation?


Let us be frank, this is not easy.
It is not! 
Let not lie to ourselves.

Most of us are scared to tell others about our predicament(s) because they will definitely use it against us!

Especially to tell them about the idea(s) for business or project(s) we intend to establish in the future!

80% of us are definitely scared!

It has been said that those with great, groundbreaking ideas usually are broke. And those with excess money often are clueless (business/investment wise). 

So the less financial bouyant  guy usually proposes a partnership to the rich guy by sharing his idea in exchange for financing capital. 

The rich guy then smiles, shakes the hand of his supposed new partner as though a deal had been reached. 

Then boom! He implements the idea all alone and silences the originator! If you know 'what that mean'
You want to sue?
I laugh! Sorry....but your idea is gone!

This is brutal... yes!
The truth ALWAYS is!

That's why I always warn young entrepreneur(s) (like myself) especially, never to share their business idea(s) on public platforms (whether for grants or showoff!) without first obtaining either a patent, copyright or being an already existing business.

This is a story for another day! I'll talk more about it more in a separate post.

When the odds are these much, one could just conclude that going to school is a waste of time and having a degree for useful work is just another add-on to one's current state of misery!

The question I want to try and answer today is:

My answer: You have every reason to.

Follow me while I guide you...

Why must you go to school? 
What does having a degree do for you?
School DOESN'T guarantee success. YES! BUT it PREPARES you for it:
By exposing you to SOME of the requisite EDUCATION, certification, atmosphere, PEOPLE, STRESS, disappointments, thoughts, struggles, fears, faith, and lots more necessary for you to achieve success not just in your chosen career/job but in LIFE generally.
You may not have had an education from the conventional school, and you may be well-to-do. Well, Congratulations! That's absolutely fine. It happens. But hey, you're just one in a million!

And trust me, an EDUCATION from the conventional school would to a great extent help to hone that your shoe-making skill and polish your grammar in communication, and other soft skills required of a professional to the world you're meant to serve, so you don't keep basking in your throne as the local King of the village you're currently ruling!
Some people may disagree. But my stand would always be that you do all it takes to get educated via school! You may eventually not NEED the certificate but GET it! 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

30+ Courses to Study without Mathematics- Edu Update


What are the courses i can study without mathematics?

It is common that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, in the biblical realm. But when it comes to subjects, the fear of mathematics begins failure here, this is one of the reason student don’t want to go further in mathematics.  Are you one of them? Then here comes some courses you can study without mathematics, what a relief!! Yes, there are list of course you can study without mathematics, lot of them in the faculty of Art and some aspect in the science faculty.

It feels painful when you are a dedicated mathematics lover, but you did not understand it or you keep on failing mathematics, wow! What a different case to comprehend. But your career still goes on if you don’t relent; you don’t need mathematics to get degree in some area of specialization. However, you have to meet up with the o’level requirement in mathematics; at least a minimum of credit will be call for. Then you don’t need mathematics in processing other aspect in other to get a degree, 100% sure of that. Now let move on and get something new very fast

Well these are the major courses you can study without the relevance of mathematics in your JAMB combination, even after offered admission, you still move on without mathematics. most are in the faculty of art, there are also courses under the science faculty which will be included in the article.



known to be one of the notable course in the art faculty which does not implies an atom of the idea in mathematics, it deal with the major aspect of language, where formation, structure, grammar and so on are looked into as regards to different languages.
It is a 4 years course where you need the primary and secondary idea in English language,
Literature in English, Government, CRS/IRS to go well with it.

Mass communication: 

Also well known, this aspect deals with English language, Economics, literature in English and Government to blend well in the field. It calls for seriousness in the field of art before you can be at the safer side as a mass communicator


 You need History, English language and your choice of subject from any other field in social science or art, no need for mathematics stress. It deals with the getting information of the past and bringing it to the present world. It is a good thing to be an history student if you can read well, don’t forget readers are leaders


 it major on the primary nature of reality, understanding when considering nature in the academic field.  Philosophers are great thinkers, should I say they find more than a mathematician? Making judgments here is irrelevant, but being a philosopher, you must be reasonable in your thought. Thinking like everybody is not in their dictionary. Without mathematics, you can further in the philosophy world with English language and any other three subject under art or social science

 Political science: 

it is a course under the social sciences that deals with aspects in government. Which need the primary and secondary help of English language, Government, Economics and History to cope with the course.  No mathematics is needed before you can find your way into the field of political science, so amazing!!

Drama/ theatre art: 

you don’t need much here, your talent and dedication is enough for you, no worries on calculation or a figure as drama is concern. All you need is just English, literature in English language  and any other 2 subject you prefer

Adult Education: 

This is an education related course, it is obvious you don’t need mathematics here, unless you are going for a course like mathematics education, physics education and the likes. All you need is a primary and second knowledge in English language, history, government any one other prefer subject in social science.



 As regard to this, mathematics is neither need or recommends passing, it is a course you don’t need mathematics in your JAMB combination neither do you need it after admission. For your JAMB combination, all you need is just English language, Biology, chemistry, and physics.


 No mathematics is required here; you deal with the globe and nothing to do with mathematical calculation. Actually Geography also relate to art, which is the reason it is called a social science course. You need English language, geography, chemistry and physics to carry on without fear.

Food science and technology:

 little of mathematics is required here, believe me it is just the simple principles you know during your junior secondary school days. It calls for little analysis in mathematics, you need Biology , English language, chemistry, and either of mathematics or physics


it is a medical course which you just need knowledge  in Biology, English language, chemistry, physics and you are good to go. No mathematical analysis needed here!!


 You don’t need mathematics also as is it a medical related course, all you need is a better idea in Biology, chemistry, English language, and physics


Public administration


Library and information

Civil law








Medicine and surgery


Social studies



Deep in you, it is a relief seeing course that doesn’t speak for mathematics, actually there are more numbers of courses that does not need the knowledge of mathematics, but these are the major courses that can feed you cool cash without studying mathematics related course.

But don’t forget to aspire being like a mathematician, think like a mathematician because it helps, though mathematics is optional in the field of studies but it will help on a life project.

Now you do not compulsorily need mathematics to get a degree only because there are course you can study without mathematics.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

7 Great Secret Behind Education- Edu Update

   Importance of Education you should get

The most common educational wise saying an average man should know is education is the best legacy; the bad news about this is that not up to 20% of the population which speaks this understand the real concept behind education and being educated.

Education says itself as the process of acquiring knowledge, judgments and skills, the secrete of education which is blur to majority is totally beyond the given definition. You hear people saying education is a scam, and you admit that without having a long time think back, am sorry you are one the wrong path.  One funny thing about the secret of education is that it works for you the way you believe it will. Take it or leave it!!

There are vital and important things about education you have to know, we should not just jump into the bush without beating some important places in the bush to make a pathway, if not, it is certain to get hurt by wild animal.

Education has two beautify classes, the formal and the informal. Before this, have it in mind that everyone is educated in any way or the other, let get back to business!! The formal aspect of education is a means of acquiring knowledge in an organized, well-structured area and under a planned curriculum, which is commonly called schooling.

But come to think of this!! Have you ever wondered how a trader who doesn’t understand the principle behind addition and subtraction but still make transaction without losing money or so, or how do you know how to wear your dresses? Quite funny right, But you should think of it also, this is the informal aspect of education; it is acquired by what you see or even coincidentally. So no argument about everybody been educated or not, even a mad men carries education (don’t doubt cause he walk and also speaks)

Education is beyond just to read and write alone, even if it is one of the main objectives for acquire it, it is still not the most relevant. This article should be able to change your negative thinking toward education.

There are numerous secret of education that is not utilized to get the best of its importance, maybe because of its unawareness. They speak in the next paragraph 

1. Help read and write: 

This is the main reason education is leveled; we have the nursery, primary, secondary and the tertiary. You will notice even some secondary school student still have difficulties in reading and also writing, you can’t help when their spoken English  pattern seems like that of a quadratic equation graph. Their written works not even presentable, suppose they improved quite early; it is a great advantage to them because you actually need a fluent communicating skill to make a good relationship around the globe.

2. Build the brain:

 something you don’t know if you are not serious with your education, only the serious ones have this master key. You can’t be educated at the same being a literate and still yet you still reason like an illiterate, 0% absolutely impossible, unless a spell has been casted on you. You become an improved homo sapien sapien as regards to your thinking and what you say, with this, you can solve practical life problem that comes your way.

3. Create awareness:

 you came from a local environment? Education is only the remedy my dear, believe it!! It creates awareness on fortunate opportunity you could never think of, the opportunity is certainly limited to the less educated (illiterates) but of wide area as far education create awareness to you.

4. Add quality to you: 

This is one of those importances of education I think most people are now embracing, of course it helps! Even the less educated apprentice is now getting their educational level to the maximum they can go, at least a degree. You cannot compare an educated fashion designer to less educated ones, it just like comparing a wide area network to that of the local one. The educated one go into a wide opportune business as a result of education.

5. Draw out potential of people: 

we all have talent, but they are hidden and even in darkness, education has helped a lot to think and fetch out their potential. Majority says education kills potential, maybe they find  it difficult to think and observe their self, you might have a talent on writing, speaking, but you never knew (tho education build some of these in us).

6. Make you set a goal you should scale through: 

I was walking through a lengthy path when my brain spoke to me 2 months ago, it says ‘’don’t you think education has a very important help in building human? i wonder and I started thinking how, in a short note I discovered the use of class in school  like level 1, level 2, level 3 and so on, signals that  you must set a goal in life to cross the hurdle to achievement in life, yes! It is not possible to get to class 3 with scaling class2, so be it in life, we just have to set our goals and aim them to celebrate achievemnets.

7. Generate income:

 I am 100% sure you have been looking for this, but do you know you must be complete with those qualities before education can yield you. If you want to be educated because you want to get a job, my dear drop that thinking in the bin right now. Education has given you almost everything you need if you are careful with them.

 In a short note, as an educated fellow, you should be able to think like an entrepreneur, that is the whistle education has come to blow to you has final and not compulsorily you seek a job.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

21 Golden Tips on how student can survive in college- Edu Upate

 Things to do as an undergraduate 

It a good thing to be into advance learning at the primary aim of getting a degree and leave the school, and that is the reason for the tertiary level, but knowing the proper things to do as an undergraduate is much better than any other thing, take notice of things undergraduates should do, if you have not been taking notice of that.

 Some people get frustrated as school registration goes though and the likes, generally, most of the new undergraduate (fresher) get carried away by the social life in the campus. More negative things students do in school but I think they does because they were not organized, they don’t have the knowledge (mostly the fresh guys and ladies).

But good news! You don’t have to obey to those social life and allow them overwhelm your goals in school, here are 21 good steps to take if you are an undergraduate

As an undergraduate of your various institution,you really need to get things done in the right way, so this is the best opportunity you might have ever accomplish. As always said, get yourself a conducive place and let learn something new, but might not be a conducive place this time.   


Attending orientation will do a long mile work, yes!! The earlier you engage yourselves with the college seminars and your way around campus the more and easier you will feel and the enhanced organized you will be when issues arise. people think, no!! i get myself orientation already before coming to university, but i bet you! going for school orientation is a 1000% useful tip to take first, you get the does and don't of the college. 


The persons you stay with, a significant amount of them are going through related experiences and feelings, but nevertheless, they are your main safety net — not only this year, but for all your years. You may change roommates after the first session or you may stay roommates for all 4,5,6 or 7 years — just take the time to get to know your fellow first-year students and make relationship with them.



In secondary school, the teachers tended to lead you through all of your homework and due dates. In university, the lecturers would post the assignments — often for the entire semester and expect you to be prepared.

 Be an organizer, use an app, or get up with a way that will work for you best in organizing yourself, whatever it takes for you to know when assignments are due.


It may be your dorm room or a cozy corner of the library, just find a place that works best for you and get your studies  done — while avoiding as many distractions as possible. some read in the silence, some in a lousy environment, but the main point here is to check what works best for you get yourself the best decision.


Obvious, right? Possibly, but snoozing in and avoiding that 8 am class will be enticing most times, smiles. Avoid the temptation. Also learning the material by appearing in classes, you’ll also get vital information from your lecturers on what to expect on tests, changes in due dates and so on. you are not the listening or writing type right? but attending class is never a waste.


Communicating as student to students, I can assure you there are only upsides to getting to know your lecturers, specifically if far ahead in the semester you run into some difficulties. Lecturers do plan office periods  the purpose only for consultation with students, so you don’t have to be worried if you will be sent out or not, just note the time he or she is less busy and go by then — take advantage of that time.


Your course adviser is the only person who is ready to help you in your course encounters addition or subtracting of courses, planning of classes for upcoming semesters and taking meaningful decision on your majors and minutes aspect as your career is concern. This person should be the key source for you and you have to utilize it if you want to smile at the end of the semester — Your course adviser should be the person you turn to with any academic issues or conflicts.

Don’t be afraid of requesting another adviser if you don’t click with the one first assigned to you.


It is a dilemma for large number of new undergraduates is a combination of homesickness and a emotion of not somewhat belonging to the school.

 One solution for you, Consider fitting together with some selected and also vital group (and be cautious not to get over loaded with task) — undergraduate sororities, organizations, , clubs, or sports teams.

 You will make different families, acquire new talents, and feel more associated to education and your school.


Another obvious one here, right? Remember the words of the opening paragraph; while good grades could have come naturally to you in secondary school, you will have to earn them in Universities — and that means setting some goals for yourself and then making sure you work as hard as you can to achieve them by all means.

University of Ibadan vice chancellor said during freshers orientation while informing the student of their main priority in the school, he said "come here, get your degree and get out" ......smiles, that is true as most student forget their plan before arrival in their college, making their thirst for studying getting fade off. 


Just as all university have learning labs and tutors available. If you’re having some troubles, these resources were another tool avail for you such as the general library and the rest.

 Another idea: form study Group! It will really help a lot, and make sure you form the reading group with responsible once


Ensure you set aside some time for activities that could help you relax and take the stress out of your day or week. Whether it’s sport, watching your favorite movie, jogging, or writing in a journal, be good to yourself and give your brain a break.



Don’t look to pointing guilts on others for your errors you have made;  that is racism!! own up to them and move on.


A University  student once said his technique in the first week of classes was to meet at least one new person in each of his classes, i hope that seems good to take into consideration, you don't have to have a programmed mentality of staying alone, that is too poor if you dwell with that thinking. But we are not telling you to make irrelevant friends 


It might be easy in high school to wait until the last minute to complete an assignment and still get a good grade, but that kind of stuff will not work for you in University. Give yourself deadlines — and stick to them.

Never hesitate to do the needful things you need to.


A lot of problems students especially Fresher face can be traced back to an illness that kept them away from classes for an extended period of time that led to a downward spiraling effect.

 Get adequate time to sleep, consume more vitamins, and eat right.

If you are not familiar about college food, you will soon.

Without mom or dad there to serve you a composed meal, you may be tempted to go for those further fries, cookies or cafeterias.

 Stay healthy and avoid the dreaded junk food.


It’s only natural that there will be times when you miss your family, even if you were one of those ones who couldn't wait to get away. Find a way to deal with those feelings, such as making a phone call or sending some whatsApp message home.


 Most University surely has health and counseling centers. If you are sick, feeling isolated or depressed, please take advantage of the many services these offices provides for students.

You don’t have to face these issues by yourself.



If you have never had time to create a budget, now is the time to do so.

 Find ways to save and stretch your money judiciously.


Anticipate having minutes where it seems stress are getting too much. Remember a  quote that says , be prepared to feel absolutely unprepared. The trick there is to identify that you are not the single one feeling that way.


This is a serious case mostly in some universities that have issues with security, but applicable to make use of this advice in any school you find yourself in. Go through the main road of universities to prevent stories that touch 


Very difficult right? i don't know what the hell is difficult in giving yourself time before going into any sort of relationship with an opposite sex, i think this is the major problem that is somewhat inevitable within student. I must confess, if you love yourself, stay away from relation in the university even for two year of your academic life in campus 

University is all about learning. If you cram and procrastinate, you may still do well during tests, but you will learn and understand very little, thereby not assimilating anything. Even worse, don not cheat during test or examination period! it will terminate you and your image.

I prayed you will not be rusticated in your various colleges

Wish you all success and hitch-free semester as new academic session resumption nears.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

How to Pass Science Examination without Reading Much- Edu Update

How to pass all science subjects

Have you ever thought of how do i  pass examinations, mostly the core science subject? I think it is a wrong decision to think too often if you are not taking the right decision. You will love to pass exams like  mathematics, English, chemistry, agricultural science, and the likes and getting good grades in your tests in subjects you offer, yet you don’t have a specific approach to get them, come on! Why don’t you get the steps that work on each subject?

 Here are available steps student must take before getting close to 100% in his or her academic performance, you know not all tips works in becoming good in science subjects, science subject are one of the very naughty courses; you just have to study and get the one that works best, then take the steps into action.

Most students find it difficult to pass common examination because of their ignorance; they think every method that work for one student works for everyone, no!! You have to study and get the one that works best. Now listen, this article will provide you with the perfect skills and knowledge you should acquire when studying some subject below, which you should take into action as fast as possible in other to get distinctions in them. 

There will be a list of working steps to take in action, mathematics, English language, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural science ,Biology  in other to make good grades in them. You are wondering, what the hell of skill do have I have to acquire before I can pass this simple subjects? Come on, get off that and let learn something new.

How to Study Physics for JAMB and Pass Easily

Those subjects are simple!! Agreed?  But if you are not aware of the principle to take before you can beat them, it is a pity that you are a failure in that course, let keep the story short and move on to the main information.


 Ohh yea!!! I know it is a subject that you have probably been running for, whereby some people are always in love with mathematics every second while holding their big pen. Before you can be a better student in mathematics, have it in mind that you must pay the price to the following steps

1.       Train your mind first: make sure you train your mind in the sense of not giving up or relenting

2.       Believe in yourself

3.       Work with friends who are much better than you in the field of mathematics

4.       Acquire knowledge from all available source

5.       Be disciplined

6.       Practice your past question

7.       Ask questions

Yup!! Those are the core things to be taken into consideration before becoming a good mathematics student

English language:

 You think English language is simple, then try attempting answering questions related to concord or the fill in the gap  area in general, then you know that English deals with a lot of studies before you can get up boldly from your average performance. You need to get some simple amazing things done before you can be assured of facing English Language examination and coming out in flying colors, don’t be scared, they are just few and simple things that has to be done.

1.       Work on your spoken English: very compulsory to note that, anything written must have been practiced by the mouth, I think you should notice it in your oral English examination, lol, that silly stuff that makes noise in the examination hall while trying to pronounce your oral examination.

2.       Be a good writer: something that kept me moving on when it comes to English language, I was a crazy writer then. I fell in love with writing right from class 4, sounds cool right!! You should try familiarizing yourself with writer in other to get the cool task perfectly, do that if you don’t like writing and am sure it will help you.

3.       Read notes on concord

4.       Go for debate: stop wondering how it will help you in English language, you know it will help, so don’t pretend!! debate is something  that will grind  your spoken English, so get up and participate in debates
5.       Read more: I know you will be thinking,   what is wrong with this dude? I love you think that way and take my steps, this is your one and only catalyst to hasten your English language performance, so read and read more of books


 Here you should be ready to do some certain things you have never done before, believe me it is one of the simplest. In chemistry, you will always face spectacular challenges but here are the ways to scale them and come with good performance in chemistry. Knowing the principles behind it will help a lot to get better at it. You know chemistry is a core science subjects? So let get off stories and get the simple things you have to know about passing chemistry as a core and related science subject
1.       Be ready to understand chemistry and not cramming: sure, there are some equations you cannot cram; you just have to understand them. You know it is not a good idea to cram balancing of equations, be it redox or the likes, so why do you need to learn how to cram when you know chemistry deals majorly with equations.


2.        Build your thinking ability: you have to do this, as it applies to mathematics, it also applies here in chemistry. it is very interesting you try and work it out yourself
3.       Read always: very compulsory. Wait… have you been noticing that reading is one of the vital role to play if you want to pass your examinations with good grades. Try to get that done and let see what it is giving you in return


This is the lord in the science field; it has simple steps to take before you can pass it. You don’t have to be scared, the simple steps are interesting one, I don’t know why most student run away from physics; maybe they don’t know how interesting it is to study physics. I bet you they don’t know what, and how the simple tactics you have to play is all about.
1.       Know the concept first: it also goes along with other subject, but more compulsory you get to know the concept when it gets to physics, I advise you to get the syllabus and work on it, this will put more light on that.

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                Amazing way to pass all examination

  • 2.       Understand more and cram less: you are also going to cram some things, but I won’t advise you to cram, that is why you should cram less and understand more as regard to physics  
  • 3.       Build your brain capacity: yeap! You have to store some damn interesting things, so build your brain capacity.
  • 4.       Work more on physics calculations
  • 5.       Read comprehensively
  • 6.       Ask question from your tutors

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Agricultural science:  

very simple!! But if you are not guided, I am sorry you might fail. Agriculture is the studies some part of nature too apart from the normal idea of cultivating, so there are some useful things you have to take note and also understand before you can be a good agriculture student.  If you have been following from the beginning, I am sure something is telling you I have finally gotten best ways to pass agricultural science examinations”. Here we come! Follow these steps bellow and get good grades in your agricultural science examination

1.       Be ready for practical: if you are the lazy type, I mean you don’t know  how to farm, you had better get yourself ready for it because agric science deals a lot about practical 
2.       Do not under-rate the subject
3.       Study all about soil and their types, it will help and a great tool for the real job


how can I pass biology without studying? That question sounds somehow right, first thing you have to know before you can pass biology is to study, not only study alone, but you should be able to draw, not compulsorily but you must be able to label sketched diagrams in biology. 

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  • 1.       Be ready for knowledge of practicals also
  • 2.        Know the concept in biology
  • 3.       Study diagram and labeling of the diagrams
     4.       Always read


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Great!  With these tips, you can pass your core science subject. I am sure there is no doubt in you now, you are freed from worries on how to pass science subjects, so just take those steps and see yourself excelling


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